Louis Vuitton: Graffiti Brought Back!

Hey everyone! Ok so Louis Vuitton, In honor of designer Stephen Sprouse who passed away, brought back the awesome Graffiti Monogram to some of their bags. My favorite is the Speedy 30. Not only did they bring back the Graffiti (comes in Green, Orange, and Pink), they also created a new design with a cool flower print! I love them!



The Graffiti Speedy 30- $1,180

The Monogram Roses Speedy 30- $1,310

Totally hawt right? You know you’ll see it dangling from my arm ♥

Anyways, I have to go study for a test! 😛 You wouldn’t think somebody as fabulous as me would have to study, but beleive it or nawt, I’m just like you guys! Haha just kidding everyone!

By the way, everyone needs to watch Gossip Girl and stay tuned for a short post after! If Blair gets expelled, she is definitley coming to my school! After all the Northshore (Wilmette, Winnetka, Kenilworth) is just as fabulous as the Upper East Side. Blair Chuck!

Love you bitches! 🙂



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