You guys know what I’m talking about right? The phone every celeb has? The phone built for messaging? The Sidekick. The T-Mobile Sidekick is like the hawtest phone out there! Almost every celeb has had it at some point. Also most designers have collaborated to make a Sidekick with their brand. Like Juicy Couture and Diane Von Frustenburg! Take a look at this hawt Juicy sidekick kick that I totally j’adore!

I would love to be on T-Mobile, because I would have the Sidekick. But sadly my father loves Verizon so until I turn 18, I’m stuck with enV’s, Voyagers, and brightly colored Chocolates. My current phone is the Orange enV! I know so last season! But whatever, its totally hawt. I do want a new phone though… Haha. So if anyone has some fabulous Verizon phone ideas, please share. 🙂 Thanks bitches

By the way, everyone watch 90201 tonight and stay tuned for a mini-post after the show. Also if you have noticed, 90210 has a contract with T-Mobile. Adrianna, Silver, Navide (I hope I spelled that right), and Ethan have a Sidekick LX. Naomi has a new Sidekick 2008 with the lime green cover on it. Don’t you love Naomi. What a bitch. My favorite. 😉

Haha! Ttyl!

Love ya!



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