Busy 4-Day Weekend! ♥


Hey you guys! Sorry I didn’t post like I said I was. Anyway, I have just been enjoying the 4 Day weekend.

On Friday, two of my friends came over and we hung out.

On Saturday, Valentines Day ♥♥♥,two of my other friends came over, and we hung out and we actually prank called a few people. Haha it was funny….

That night I watched SNL with my family. Awww the Jonas Brothers were so adorable! Hehe… love’em

Yesterday I just lounged. I worked out a little bit and then I just sat around being lazy. Today I slept in and I’m about to go shopping. 

OMG! Ok so I have this new obssession with China Glaze Nail Polish. I love all the colors but I LOVE the color called Ruby Pumps. Its like ruby red glitter nail polish. Like what is not to like people? Haha you should def try it

I have also been really busy with play rehearsal. Spring shows are super strict and this is my first one and last one since it only goes up till 8th grade.

Well thats all for today! 

Seeya Kittens




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  1. Hey Girly!
    Check out some of my newest posts at http://parisxoxo.wordpress.com/ they are pretty cool…just like your fab stuff! I’ll add u 2 my links!


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