CoutureGirl Returns!

                Hey people! Finally I’m here again! I just recently returned from Florida, where I got a gorgeous tan. I was so happy until I walked off of the plane (in my Juicy sweats and new red Ray Ban Wayfarers) and it was cold! Oh well, only a couple more months till graduation! and summer! So whip out your cutest sunglasses and hawtest bikini and flip flop your way to the beach!

Ok so Gossip Girl finally returned….. but it was a little dissapointing. I wish one couple would stay together for one episode. Whatever, Jenny’s Sweet Sixteen looks amazing! Talk about paparazzi! Wow Little J certainly stepped out!

90210 returns on Tuesday, and it looks absolutley amazing! Lets hope its as good as it looks.

Also, America’s Next Top Model is great! I love Natalie (what a bitch!) and I hate Tahlia. She is so fake! I was sad to see Kortnie go, because she was really pretty! But her personality was not glamourous enough to be a model! Who do you think should be America’s Next Top Model?

Welcome home to me!

XOXO- CoutureGirl 🙂


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