Always on time

Hey bitches! So as you know, I’m a celebrity. Ok we won’t go that far. But I do know that being on time is the professional and sophisticated way to act. Everyone has a phone that they can rely on for the time, but I am glamorous, so I use a watch. Yes, watches are like jewelry so you treat them like jewelry. Don’t wear watches with dresses or when your dressing up. Watches are to be worn when you want to look fashionable on a regular basis. Don’t wear watches that are huge and bulky because that looks filthy. lol I don’t know why, but I love the word filth. Is it just me? (Onch from Paris Hilton’s my new BFF!) Anywho, here is a totally fetch (It’s like slang… in England- I’m obssesssed with Mean Girls) watch:

Juicy Couture Party Girl watch- $195


I think from now on, Thursdays will be Jewelry Thursdays! and Fridays will be Fashion Fridays! Yay! Now I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Oh, did anyone watch ANTM? Allison is so hilarious! Ew Tahlia is so fake! I think Natalie’s the best, even if she is kinda a bitch 😉

XOXO- Couture Girl


One Response

  1. ii LovEd ALLiiSon wiiTh hER WEiirD haBiiTs aNd ii LiiKeD tAHLiiA!! ii wANTed AMiiNaT tO WiiN bUt FUQkiin TEYoNa DiiD!!!!! uHHHgGgggG….. 😦

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