Love the Rain!

Hey bitches! So as you know, I’m on spring break! Lucky me, right? lol 🙂

Anywho, it’s raining here, but thats ok because I love the rain! When I woke up, I saw how gloomy the day would be, so I decided I would spice it up myself!

To start, I put on my China Glaze nail Polish, Shocking Pink, and it looks fabulous! Today I’m going downtown, but I don’t need to get all dressed up, so I’m wearing Juicy Sweats (light pink), a creme colored Hollister tank top, and the matching Juicy hoodie. I also put on my Juicy charm bracelet (I hope to get another charm today!) I don’t like to wear more than one charm, so today my charm is an adorable Ice Cream charm!


I’m gonna use my favorite bag in the whole wide world today! The Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom pink pochette! Yay! I’m just wearing Uggs cuz I’m lazy and its raining. lol

I’ll tell you what I get later!

XOXO- Couture Girl


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