I just learned to sew!

Hello children… as you have just hear (read, I should say), I just learned to sew! I’ve always wanted to but I just never wanted to sit down and learn. Just now I did and it was a lot of fun! I’m glad I learned at the beginning of the summer, cause now I have all the time in the world to sew whatever I want to. I don’t know what to make first, but I’m thinking of making a cute little case for my iTouch. 🙂

Anywho, today was a lazy day… I had some pancakes for breakfast, read for a while (I’m still reading Thirteen Reasons Why and its getting better and better!), and then I went to a movie (Night at the Museum 2). Ok I know your thinking about what a childish movie it is, but it wasn’t that bad (The Jonas Brothers being in it made it a whole lot bearable <3) and I only went because my friend and her boyfriend wanted to see a movie. 🙂 Now I’m drinking Dr. Pepper and reading again, but I’m thinking about watching some tv soon.


Miley Cyrus got her nosed pierced! She said it was only temporary and she doesn’t want people to be mad at her for it. She posted Twitpics (on her Twitter) with her nose pierced….. WOW!

I’ll talk to you guys later! Loves it!

XOXO- Couture Girl


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