A sunny, summer Sunday

Ciao! Lol well today was a fine day…. I woke up and read for a while (yes, I’m done with Thirteen Reasons Why, which had a terrible ending btw), After I got out of bed, I just chillaxed around the house until my friend came over and walked to Starbucks, where I got a double chocolate chip Frappacino (yum :)), and now I just had some noodles for dinner. The weather was gorgeous, although it could be a little warmer.

Well I’m bored now….. So I’m gonna watch some tv. Ugh nevermind, my brother just said he was gonna go downstairs to play video games I think. Oh well. 😉

I’ll talk to you cheetahs tomorrow!

Loves it!

XOXO- CoutureGirl


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