Summer ♥

Hey everyone! I’m just busy enjoying my summer. How are your summers going?

Anway I have some new fave songs!

Love Drunk Boys Like Girls

Hot MessAshley Tisdale

Hotel Room ServicePitbull

Has anyone seen Harry Potter? If you haven’t, don’t see it. It was so bad…. I was dying! 😦

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P.S. I’m working awn a new look for my bloggg! so stay tuned! 🙂



2 Responses

  1. summers been gewd!!
    2 bday parties – lost a bff but got her bac – went swimmin – lots of family get togethers – florida in august 😀
    nah i havent seen HP and the HBP. seems dumb i hate HP anyways.
    luvverz hotel room service by pitbull – calle ocho 😀
    -fave song rite now is futuristic love by yung la ft. rico barrino


    “with that stupid fruity swag shawtty what it gonna be?”

  2. Heyhey!
    Your siggy is ready for pick up 😉 Find it on the page where you ordered on my bloggy, thankies! If there is anything you would like me to fix I will (: Thanks for ordering!

    Waa? Harry Potter was bad? Lol I think I’m going to see it tomorrow!


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