New Graphics!


Hey hey! I finally figured out how to add glitters and graphics on here, so be ready for a lot more! I just ♥ them! yay! Do you like that one ^?

Ok well I just thought I should make a post telling you that my site will get better. Lol 🙂  So have you guys been watching NYC Prep? I really like it, although they’re lacking in the drama department. 🙂

My new favorite songs:

 Catch Me Demi Lovato

Show Me What I’m Looking For- Carolina Liar

I’m gonna go eat some Cinnamon LIFE cereal for breakfast now! 🙂

Byyyye! 1000339


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4 Responses

  1. luvverz da graphics – howd ya get em??
    my new fave song is
    break up by mario ft. gucci mane and sean garrett
    great song 😀

    “i love you, but i dont think i can love you anymore”

    • hey gurl heyyy! lol what kind of computer do you use to update/make your blawg? cuz it depends if you can get the glitters

  2. oooh glitters? I started to put glitters on my blog as well!! Hehe :mrgreen: yay!
    OO i love show me what you’re looking for! it’s awesome hehe

  3. Oh and CoutureGirl-
    Your header is ready!
    Here go!

    If there is anything wrong I can change it 🙂 Thankies for ordering~!

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