Lazy Saturday☺
July 25, 2009

(Before you read more, just know that I’m gonna add many random glitters because I have lots of time and I’m bored :P)


Hey people. Well today is gonna be a lazy Saturday. All of my friends are busy or at their Lakehouses. Sadness right? Ugh whatever. I guess I can clean my room or something. lol 🙂 z3 <—Cute Diamond 🙂

My little pony! >>>zz3<<< So cute zzz3 (I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!) 🙂

zxcLoves  the Rainbow Hair 🙂

Check out my dancers! They’re so hawt! lol 🙂


z2345Ok well I’m gonna go now. Lol z2345z2345

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July 24, 2009

Hello my pretty people! Today, I just wanna take some time, and say why memories are so important (to me anyways). All my life, I’ve been blessed to have a great family and great friends, and just all around great people, so making memories was easy for me. I still love to just sit and think about how much FUN I’ve had during my lifetime. I love all of the people I share memories with, and I will never forget them. I wish I would never forget anything, but I guess you have to just make life memorable so you don’t forget. I’m thankful for my memories 🙂 taccooo

Anyway, today was kinda rainy and thunderish, and that’s my favorite kind of weather. I like cloudy and raining. It just makes being inside much more cozy and bright, although dancing in the rain is fun too 🙂 .

taco 2

 So me and two of my close friends just hung out. It was a good day. I’m anxious about starting Highschool. I dunno what to expect. I went to the same school for all 9 years of my education, and I’ve never had a locker, or passing periods, or freedom for that matter. It was such a fun fun fun fun time though. Most of my memories were from that school. It’s soooo sad to be leaving. 😦 But change is good, and I think I’m ready.

taco 3

Loves it! 🙂

taco 4

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New Graphics!
July 22, 2009


Hey hey! I finally figured out how to add glitters and graphics on here, so be ready for a lot more! I just ♥ them! yay! Do you like that one ^?

Ok well I just thought I should make a post telling you that my site will get better. Lol 🙂  So have you guys been watching NYC Prep? I really like it, although they’re lacking in the drama department. 🙂

My new favorite songs:

 Catch Me Demi Lovato

Show Me What I’m Looking For- Carolina Liar

I’m gonna go eat some Cinnamon LIFE cereal for breakfast now! 🙂

Byyyye! 1000339


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