New Graphics!
July 22, 2009


Hey hey! I finally figured out how to add glitters and graphics on here, so be ready for a lot more! I just ♥ them! yay! Do you like that one ^?

Ok well I just thought I should make a post telling you that my site will get better. Lol 🙂  So have you guys been watching NYC Prep? I really like it, although they’re lacking in the drama department. 🙂

My new favorite songs:

 Catch Me Demi Lovato

Show Me What I’m Looking For- Carolina Liar

I’m gonna go eat some Cinnamon LIFE cereal for breakfast now! 🙂

Byyyye! 1000339


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Tiny Temptations <—- hehe
July 9, 2009

Hello everyone! How’s it going? Ok so the other day, my and my crazzy friends went to a Walgreens and like basically just hung out (don’t worry we aren’t hillbillys or anything…. I SWEAR! lol) ok so anyways, we were smellling the candles, and there was a little on called Tiny Temptations, and they smelled sooooo soooo soooo soooo soooooo goood! I was gonna by one. lol but I didn’t cuz I didnt have any money with me.  Anyway, I’m gonna try to find a picture for you children. hang on…

Come on people! does that not look delishiiious!? Anyway the three flavors that we’re there: Cupcake (♥:)), Cherry Chip, and French Toast (♥:)) oh and they have little like food in them (as you can see with the sprinkles) hehehee 🙂

So if you live near a walgreens, just go with some friends and smell candles. (I know im cool lol ;))

Anyway, another fun thing is putting coins on the train tracks and then when the train comes, it flattens the coins. Its soooo cool. Lol

I have an audition today for a commercial so wish me luck! 🙂

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Jersey Boys
July 6, 2009

Hey people. Ok so I saw Jersey Boys last night, and I did NOT like it. It was just to old for me and I didn’t really follow it.

Anyways, today is the first really warm day we’ve had in like a coupla days. I’m so glad!

 I have some new favorite songs

Fashion: Lady GaGa

The City is at War: Cobra Starship

I’m like obbsessed with those songs! Tomorrow the Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack comes out, and I think I’m gonna wait up for it! I’m so excited about it!

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P.S oh and I have a new page: Favorites!

4th of July!
July 5, 2009

Hey heyy! Ok so today was the 4th of July and I went to see fireworks last night and tonight. (Tonights were so much bettter!) Yay! 🙂

Anywho, last night, I watched a new show called NYC Prep and now I’m hooked. Even though the people are ugly it’s still good. I’m gonna watch another episode tonight. I’m so excited! I also really like Real World Cancun!

The other day me and my friend went to a carnival, and two of my other friends were there! It was so fun! I totally ignored my fears and went on a crazy ride that went upside down! AHH! I Spinny rides though! We all had a great time. I love summer. I wish it didn’t have to end! Haha

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